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Nov 01, 2012 at 11:17am IST

With no government action, Bihar reels under encephalitis outbreak

Gaya: The Cabinet is finally set to discuss the encephalitis outbreak that has claimed the lives of hundreds of children this year. The disease is a cause for alarm not just in eastern UP but Bihar as well.

Ten months ago, Pinky was a normal child who played, went to school and helped at home. But she is crippled after she survived the deadly mosquito-borne Encephalitis. Despite this being a reccurring disease in Bihar, the government's readiness is almost nothing. A visit to any of the government hospital in the state will reflect the same story.

Civil Surgeon in Gaya, Krishna Balabh Prasad, said, "A child with encephalitis either dies or develops a disability. The situation is serious." Pinky was lucky not to have lost her life, unlike the 300-odd children who have died in Bihar alone in 2012.

Jamun Yadav, whose only son died from encephalitis, is clear that the callous attitude of government employees and doctors are to blame. And then there is the government, both at the Centre and state that largely seems to be absent.

Promises come easy, but action on the ground has been little. No wonder, the encephalitis-afflicted of Bihar feel so cheated.