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May 24, 2008 at 02:05am IST

Wizcraft sues two IPL cheerleaders, agent

New Delhi: Event management firm Wizcraft International has filed a case of defamation against agent Jorge Aldana and the two cheerleaders Ellesha Newton and Sherinne Anderson who had levelled racism allegations against the company.

Wizcraft also said it had contracted an Indian agent Akhtar Fazel for providing cheerleaders.

He in turn had contracted Aldana, the director of Fierce Performance Production. The company also stated that it was an obvious attempt to extort money.

SKIN DEEP? Preity Zinta-hired event management firm Wizcraft denies racism allegation.

Newton and Anderson said earlier said that they were asked to come off the Mohali stage on April 19 because of the colour of their skin.

Newton allegedly told The Telegraph: “It was okay when we reached the stadium. It was when we were going to take our positions that some of Wizcraft’s employees asked us to leave. We were surprised and asked them why and they told us it was because of the colour of our skin.”

The Telegraph quoted Aldana as saying that the incident took place before the Kings XI’s first match at Mohali on April 19 against the Chennai Super Kings.

Fierce Performance Production is the company that had brought the girls from London.

Aldana was quoted by The Telegraph as saying: "I found Ellesha and Sherinne Anderson — whom I had recruited as part of a team of 12 — in tears when I reached the ground."

"Sherinne and Ellesha were in a state of shock and crying outside the ground. I called them and asked them what was the matter and they told me that a guy from Wizcraft had forbidden them from entering the ground," Aldana was further quoted by The Telegraph as saying.

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