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Sep 24, 2013 at 09:33am IST

Woman in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar adopts abandoned baby girl

Muzaffarnagar: Two weeks after the Muzaffarnagar riots, an abandoned baby and her adoptive mother have become an example of hope.

In a dilapidated hut in rural Muzzafarnagar, little Ariba sleeps happily in her mother's lap, smiling from time to time, unmindful of the circumstances of her birth. Rabia found her abandoned 10 days ago as communal riots raged on in the district.

This mother of eight didn't think twice before taking in a ninth child. "The baby was lying alone on the road. God brought her to me and I adopted her," Rabia Begum said.

Rabia insists on putting a spot of kajal on Ariba every day to keep her safe from evil eyes. She is completely illiterate, desperately poor and well aware that the baby, who she found near a jat mohalla, could very well be Hindu. But she refuses to give her up.

"Before being a Hindu or Muslim, she is a human. Only god knows if she is Hindu or Muslim. I will look after this kid, educate her and get her married," Rabia said.

At a time when 40,000 people have been displaced because of the riots, little Ariba is lucky to have found a loving family. It's a family that embodies the best there is in human spirit.

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