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Jul 05, 2007 at 04:59pm IST

Woman strips, walks in city against dowry demand

New Delhi: Residents of Rajkot city in Gujarat were shocked on Wednesday when a woman walked on a busy road semi-nude to protest against dowry harassment.

Pooja Chauhan, 22, alleges her husband and in-laws are harassing her for dowry and bearing a girl child. Soon after Pooja’s protest, police arrested her husband Pratap Singh Chauhan and his parents. Police plan to take action against Pooja for indecent behaviour.

Shocked residents saw Pooja in her undergarments and carrying a baseball bat and bangles in her hands, marching on the busy Race Course Road.

The Times of India reports Pooja married Chauhan three years ago and her in-laws kept demanding more dowry. The harassment increased when she gave birth to a daughter eight months ago.

She left home five months ago and started living on her own with her daughter, it said. The newspaper reports Pooja intended to march to the Police Commissioner’s office but went home after learning that the officer was out of town.

Pooja left her husband five months ago after he and his parents increased their harassment for not giving them a boy child. Pooja lives with her eight-month daughter, the paper said.