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Mar 08, 2013 at 08:19pm IST

Women's Day: Political tokenisms abound, real issues remain unaddressed

New Delhi: Women won't feel safe until the mindsets change - that's what CNN-IBN has been campaigning for. Even as we wait for stronger legislation and better implementation to prevent crimes against women, today, many more promises were made. Almost every woman politician made sure that they were in the public eye on International Women's Day, each one making all the politically correct statements.

In Parliament too, even some of the male MPs made sure they struk the right note. The President too reflected the synmbolsim of the occasion by awarding Stree Shakti Award to the parents of the Delhi gangrape victim.

And yet, the real issues confronting women, be it safety, gender prejudice or greater representation in public life, remain unaddressed.

Another International Women's Day, another day when sarkari feminists make the right noises, the question is - what happens tomorrow? Will it be back to normal with women's issues being relegated to the sidelines? There is a symbolism to Women's Day, but is it merely a ritual to be enacted every year, or do our law makers actually want to change gender equations?