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Nov 25, 2006 at 01:34pm IST

World champ Marykom recalls fight

New Delhi: MC Marykom became world champion for the third time on Thursday winning the 46 kg but sadly for the diminutive boxer the struggle still continues.

Victory is sweetest when it comes after months of sacrifice, hard work and harbouring never-say-die attitude and after winning the title she broke into tears.

"I want to thank the entire country, all media persons, my coaches and my family. Thank you so much," Marykom said after winning the title.

But for Indian women boxers, like Marykom, everyday, every moment is a struggle in itself.

"Kya milega, kya karega boxing mein. Aisa bol ke tang kiya tub mereko bahut dukh hua (People used to make fun of me by saying what will you get from boxing. I became very sad then)," she said.

Coming from a very humble background, the 24-year-old's ticket to glory has been sheer grit, and the power to dream.

Her small frame and seemingly frail shoulders are deceptive as she packs a mean punch.

Winning a silver in the first World Championships, Marykom came right back to win the gold in Turkey, Russia and completed her hat-trick in India in the fourth edition in of the championship in Hyderbad.

So where did it all begin?

"I saw men and women training together and I was interested," she said.

She started training in the camps and had to stay away from her family and her husband during the training period. But her folks never forced her to pull away from her passion.

There is another side to Marykom and she has lived with a passion that she has not quite encouraged and that is singing.

But once the flashlights dim, Marykom will be back in the training ring preparing hard for the big dream of winning an Olympic medal.