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Nov 14, 2012 at 09:25am IST

World Diabetes Day: India to have 101.1 million diabetics by 2030

New Delhi: India has 61 million diabetics between 20-79 years according to the International Diabetes Federation. By 2030, this figure is estimated to go up to 101.1 million. President of the International Diabetes Federation Professor Jean Claude Mbanya said, 'Major number of diabetics are in the middle and low income countries."

In fact by 2030, according to the estimates, 8.4 per cent of India's adult population will have diabetes. But the bigger worry is the numbers that go undiagnosed - that is for every diabetic, there are four more who are pre diabetic.

Another concern, type two diabetes, triggered by sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits is hitting Indians much younger now. Head of Endocrinology, Medanta Dr Ambrish Mithal said, "Current figures estimate young people in the prime are getting affected."

Doctors say one way to ensure that you are not in one of those statistics advise, go easy on fatty, deep-fried foods and get regular exercise.