Aug 19, 2008 at 12:47pm IST

World's oldest pensioner Habib Miyan dies

Jaipur: The man who held the record for being the oldest living Indian passed away in Jaipur on Tuesday morning.

Habib Miyan was 138-years old, lived his life to the fullest. On his 136th birthday, he had said, “What's an affluent person's party, I will not even go to God's place without being invited.”

However, Habib Miyan, the man who was listed in the Limca book of world records as India's oldest man and in the Guinness book of records as world's oldest pensioner was living with his sixth generation of descendents when he died.

All his life Habib lived in a narrow lane in downtown Jaipur. He worked as a clarinet player in the royal band of the Pink City till 1939 and was drawing a pension for 69 years. Despite being blind in his last years, he was fairly self-dependent and unattached.

“Tea is the only thing I'm fond of. I've never been addicted to anything ever since I was born,” Habib had said.

The oldest man of India is no more and although he lived life to his best, his only unfulfilled wish was a meeting with the President.

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