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Worsening security situation in Pak worries India

Press Trust Of India
May 23, 2011 at 06:47pm IST

Addis Ababa: Pakistan's fast deteriorating security situation has set off strong concerns in India over the danger posed by Islamabad's nuclear arsenal falling into wrong hands.

The "real risk" is internal and "who guards the guardian", official sources said in response to a question on the safety of its nuclear weapons and the string of terror attacks in Pakistan including the latest at its Mehran naval

base in Karachi.

Worsening security situation in Pak worries India

India is concerned over the danger posed by Pakistan's nuclear arsenal falling into wrong hands.

Though the threat is not from such "mass casualty attacks", there is a general sense of concern as Pakistan "loses internal coherence", the sources said.

Another source of worry for India is Pakistan going in for increasing number of weapons, they said.

While India does not foresee a nuclear attack in view of its credible nuclear deterrence, in the event anyone uses nuclear weapons, there will be "clearcut massive retaliation", the sources said.

Asked about the brazen Taliban terror attack on the military base in Karachi in which 14 people, including 10 securitymen were killed, the sources described it as a "very organised attack".

It was a sophisticated strike using heavy weapons since it is a joint base of the army, air force and the navy.

Reports reaching Indian government said there there were a number of foreigners who have been taken hostages, the sources said.


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