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Jan 03, 2011 at 09:50am IST

Wrist worn device pinpoints sniper's location

London: Soldiers are to test a new gadget which can pinpoint the exact location of enemy snipers even 1,000 yards away.

The tiny 'sniper spotter', developed by scientists at a defence lab in Wiltshire, instantly identifies the shooter's location, enabling troops to fire back immediately and accurately.

The new high-tech gadget, just four square inches, is worn on a soldier's arm. It is connected to a shoulder sensor which pinpoints the location.

Wrist worn device pinpoints sniper's location

The tiny 'sniper spotter' instantly identifies the shooter's location

The detector's powerful acoustic processing technology evaluates the enemy position by determining the target's co-ordinates on a small screen with an arrow indicator, reports the Daily Mail.

Simultaneously it bleeps a warning into a headset connected to the device.

The Boomerang Warrior-X processor is the most advanced detector on the market. It has been refined by the scientists from a US system used in Iraq.

An initial 1,000 have been ordered for British troops in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province. If trials are successful, more soldiers will be issued with it later this year.

The way the technology works is a closely guarded secret, but the unique software provides constant updates on the enemy's location - even if they move position while being fired at.