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Jun 16, 2009 at 04:14pm IST

Yashwant for probe in resignation letter leak

New Delhi: No one's listening to the gag order issued by BJP President Rajnath Singh. Rumblings in the BJP continue and even those who have been warned, continue to ask uncomfortable questions.

Former union minister Yashwant Sinha, who resigned from all party posts, once again challenged the top leadership of the party on Monday. He is now demanding a probe into the leak of his explosive letter to the BJP core group.

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Virtually implicating the top leadership, Sinha said, "I had circulated copies of my letter to six members of the Core Group. I demand a probe to find out who had leaked my letter to the media."

Sinha's letter contained a litany of charges that were seen as a veiled attack on the leader of the Opposition, L K Advani and those appointed by him to posts in the Parliamentary Party. Reiterating that he would continue to work for the party, Sinha said he would go around his constituency and take stock of the situation.

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He also demanded that other leaders follow his example and resign from their posts.

"The party's defeat in the elections is a collective responsibility. When nobody came forward (to take responsibility), I was the first person to tender my resignation. I took an initiative of resigning as the party lost this time in elections. I am glad that the party accepted my resignation and I hope that they will think about my suggestions to them," he told reporters.

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Sinha said everyone should follow his example of resigning from their posts owning collective responsibility, adding a "Kamraj plan" was ideal for reforming the party.

In his resignation letter which stated that Sinha was resigning from the post party vice-president, member of National Executive and in-charge of the BJP's affairs in Karnataka. He wrote that party's grassroots leaders were being ignored and failed leaders were being promoted. In a clear reference to the BJP's top leadership Sinha also charged that those in-charge of campaigning were giving themselves a clean chit.

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Sinha's outburst came after just two days after BJP president Rajnath Singh asked party leaders to show restraint, while speaking to the media. Sinha's resignation came three days after BJP MP Jaswant Singh, too, in letter to party leaders had made similar allegations and asked the top leadership to take responsibility for Lok Sabha election defeat.

Meanwhile, in this fight between the Generation Next backed by L K Advani versus the old guard, the pro-Advani lobby is hitting back. Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj - anointed leader by Advani himself - has called the situation volcanic.

"The situation in the party is volcanic. When there is a volcano, even a small spark can flare it further," she stated.

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