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Jun 13, 2009 at 07:05pm IST

Yaswant resigns, Rajnath warns BJP rebels

New Delhi: The rebellion in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to be getting deeper with senior leader Yashwant Sinha on Saturday resigning from the all posts of party.

In his resignation letter which stated that Sinha was resigning from the post party vice-president, member of National Executive and in-charge of the BJP's affairs in Karnataka, the MP from Jharkhand's Hazaribagh also spoke out against the state of affairs within the organisation.

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His letter of resignation has been accepted.

Just three days ago MP Jaswant Singh, too, in letter to party leaders had made similar allegations and asked the top leadership to take responsibility for Lok Sabha election deafeat.

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Sinha wrote that party's grassroots leaders were being ignored and failed leaders were being promoted. In a clear reference to the BJP's top leadership Sinha also charged that those in-charge of campaigning were giving themselves a clean chit.

Sinha's resignation came just a few just minutes before BJP President Rajnath Singh addressed the media on the reported differences among senior leaders.

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Sinha had also held the portfolios of external affairs minister and finance minister in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government.

Addressing the media a few minutes after Sinha's resignation, Rajnath Singh claimed that there was no difference among top leaders within the party, and added that he was yet to receive Sinha’s resignation letter.

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“I am yet to receive the resignation letter. When I get it I will read it,” Rajnath Singh remarked casually while ruling out any action against Sinha.

"It has been rumoured in the media that there is a rift within the BJP. This is untrue. I want to say that the BJP leadership is united," said Singh in an apparent reference to senior party leader and Lok Sabha MP Jaswant Singh's letter that reportedly asked the leadership to take responsibility for the Lok Sabha elections fiasco.

"The election results were against party expectations and the media has claimed that the party leadership is in disarray. I want to say the party is united. There is no disunity in the BJP," Rajnath Singh - who is a Lok Sabha MP from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh - said.

"I want to implore to the media to not write or publish anything which tarnishes the image of the party," he said.

Warning leaders against airing their views to the media and going against party line, Singh said, "None of the party leaders will in any form - formal or informal - express their opinion about the internal working of the party. No public dissent will be allowed by leaders. Indiscipline will not be tolerated in the party."

He claimed that even though the party lost Lok Sabha elections, it was still the second largest group in the Lok Sabha and would not allow the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance to pursue any anti-people policy.

"The party has accepted the verdict of the people with humility. We are thankful to our supporters who demonstrated their faith and belief in us and in our ideology of building a strong and resurgent India. Millions of voters expect us to be a responsible Opposition party so that the ruling coalition does not take any decisions against the interest of the common man," he said.

"The leadership is united and is currently analysing why the party could not gain the mandate it had expected," said Singh.

"This has to be an exhaustive exercise and it has already begun at various levels. The entire process will be completed in a chintan-baithak (brainstorming session) after the Budget session," he added.

"We have decided that henceforth all party leaders or functionaries will refrain from expressing any views outside party forums without internal deliberations first. They will not share any information without the consent of the party, failing which they will invite disciplinary action against themselves," he stated.

Singh accepted Sinha's resignation from the post of vice-president and all other

party posts held by him.