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Oct 29, 2013 at 04:15pm IST

Your dream to become PM will remain a dream: Nitish to Modi

Patna: Two days after Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed Hunkar rally in Patna, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday hit out at his rival saying a man who aspires to hold India's highest post should be patient and have some sweetness in his speeches.

He attacked the BJP saying there is too much hype around an individual. "The man dreaming to be on the country's highest post should be sober, why this unnecessary excitement and hurry? You can create hype around an individual but it can't ensure your victory. Bihar's poor will vote for those who fight for them," he said taking a dig at Modi.

Mocking at Modi, Nitish asked, "Why were you sweating and drinking water while criticising me." He also hit out at Modi for speaking in a harsh tone, "Gujaratis love sweet but why is Modi's tone not sweet?"

He slammed at Modi for highlighting that he was poor and used to sell tea during his younger days. Nitish said, "I am the son of a freedom fighter. I am also from an ordinary background. I am an ordinary man , anything can be said aganist me. One can't be a backward leader by just being born in such a family. What you have done for backward castes is important. I do not have the experience to sell tea on stations."

Commenting on Modi's statement that Nitish had even returned the aid for Kosi flood victims, the Bihar Chief Minister said that in Indian culture one does not praise himself. Nitish said, "Gujarat government sent money for Kosi flood victims and then they started advertising that they had helped Bihar. If one helps someone, then it should not be advertised. The cheque was returned and then they encashed it."

Taking on Modi over his knowledge of history, Nitish said. "I also have knowledge of history. I never left Jaiprakash Narayan. He said I backstabbed JP and Ram Manohar Lohia. In fact JP and Lohia had taken on these forces head on and also forced them into corner. I have never compromised on my principles and followed the path shown by JP and Lohia."

Nitish also cautioned people against communal forces. "Let not your difference lead to communal violence. Let the dream to hoist the Indian flag at the Red Fort be a dream only."

Questioning Modi's language in the speeches, he called it fascist and not democratic. "Those who believe in fascisim are Hilter-like and will do what Hitler did. Hitler's propoganda was to tell a lie hundreds of times and it would seem to be true. In Indian too some people are doing the same," he added.

Nitish also blamed the BJP for breaking the 17-year-old alliance with the JDU. He said the JDU had suggested the BJP to choose a leader who untied everyone, took everyone along and worked for the development of backward regions. "What did we want? We suggested the leader for the prime minister's post should be someone who is accepted by all, somenone who works for all. If you have to win, there should be single target. You (BJP) have set two targets, one to remove Congress and the second is to take all the credit. It is wrong to blame us whereas you have betrayed us."

He added, "Yesterday you were with me and you would appreciate and praise me. Now that we are not allies and you are finding faults with me."

Condemning the serial blasts in Gandhi Maidan on Sunday, Nitish said, "I had asked authorities to take proper security arrangements at the rally venue. I had told the top police officer to ensure the security of thh massive rally that is scheduled." He added if the BJP wanted me to personalluy monitor the security arrangement, they should have asked me. "I have requested NIA to take over the investigation in the serial blast in Patna," he said.