Apr 13, 2009 at 02:57pm IST

Yuvraj seeks support from Indians in SA

Mumbai: Amid all the debate of multiple captains, Kings XI Punjab's Yuvraj Singh says team boss Priety Zinta is the actual captain while he is the deputy. Both joined CNN-IBN in a candid conversation.

Preity Zinta: We are going to South Africa but our heart is here in India. We have a lot of activities planned in our catchment areas and in Punjab. So there is going to be as much fun and frolic here as it would be in South Africa.

CNN-IBN: Yuvraj, you have just returned from New Zealand where India had a successful series. You must be tired but looking forward to playing in South Africa where you have good memories.

Yuvraj Singh: Yes. I am a bit tired but very happy to be going to South Africa soon. We are looking forward to the IPL, and I'm sure we're going to have a good tournament this time.

CNN-IBN: South Africa at this time of the year would be rather cold. How do you see the wickets faring there?

Yuvraj Singh: It's the end of the cricketing season there, so it might be slower. But I don't know how the wickets would play. We'll probably speak to people there and see what's the best format.

CNN-IBN: How different would the IPL be this time? You were expected to play in front of home crowds of Mohali but the action has shifted to South Africa.

Yuvraj Singh: There won't be home and away games this time. But there are a lot of Indians there who will give us a lot of support. I'm looking forward to playing in front of them.

CNN-IBN: Kings XI Punjab reached the semi-finals last time. What are your expectations from the side this time?

Preity Zinta: I think we are going to win it this year.

CNN-IBN: Any advice to the captain of the side?

Preity Zinta: They play really hard out there. It's very easy to sit outside and make comments. I have learnt to have a lot more respect for the cricketers. I know they are going to give it their best shot and we are there to support them through ups and downs. We just want to see lots of action, great games. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you go out there and play a rocking game.