• Nicolas Cage sells comic for 2.1 million dollars December 3, 2011

    London: 'Ghost Rider' star Nicolas Cage has sold a rare comic book, 'Action Comics No 1', for over USD 2.1 million in an online auction. The 47yearold actor put the comic, which features the debut of Superman in popular culture and is believed to be one of only 100 left...
  • Action Comics 1 sells for $2.16 million in auction December 1, 2011

    Philadelphia: A rare and pristine copy of the first issue of Action Comics, famed for the first appearance of Superman, has set a record on Wednesday for the most money paid for a single comic book: $2.16 million. The issue, graded at 9.0, was auctioned starting Nov. 11 online at
  • Action Comics Superman debut copy sells for $ 2.16 mn December 1, 2011

    A legendary stolen Superman comic a copy of the first issue of Action Comics featuring Superman's debut, has become the world's most expensive comic. It has fetched $2.16m at an auction the first time a comic book has broken the $2m barrier. The buyer or seller's name was...