• No party for Dhoni: Bipasha Basu July 5, 2010

    Mumbai: A leading daily carried a story of good friends Bipasha Basu and John Abraham throwing a reception for the newly married Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi on July 7. Bipasha, however, is aghast at the rumour. I dont know anything about this party. John and I are not planning...
  • Dhoni's marriage was planned: Bipasha Basu July 5, 2010

    Mumbai: Contrary to rumours that Indian cricket captain M.S. Dhoni decided to get married on the spur of the moment, actress Bipasha Basu, a close friend of his cricketer, says the wedding was planned months in advance. Says Bipasha: "The wedding on Sunday night was all planned. But no one was...
  • Dhoni Gets Hitched July 4, 2010

    Mahi's brand value increased threefold in just a few years' time. It also led to many Bollywood beauties being attracted to this Indian pin up boy. He, together with his teammate Yuvraj Singh, has been linked with Deepika Padukone and others in the past, especially when India tour Down Under last time. (Reuters Photo)People know him for various reasons other than his cricketing skills. One such aspect is his ability to lead from the front and give everyone to a say. It makes him a very popular figure within his teammates. (Reuters Photo)Dhoni has proved irreplacable from the time he has taken the job of wicketkeeper. Dinesh Karthik, Naman Ojha and others only get a chance when the 28-year-old man from Ranchi takes rest. (Reuters Photo)