• Let farmers decide about GM crops, not governments

    The Mysore Post |  Kiran Batni
    Governments must 'do' as little as possible to be considered legitimate. People must 'do', not governments. When the latter 'do' anything at all, they tread...

  • IDFC's jaundiced Rural Development Report

    Espresso Economics |  Vivian Fernandes
    Last week (26 November), IDFC released its rural development report. Planning Commission Member Mihir Shah, who chaired the report's advisory council lauded Rural Development Minister...

  • 'Transgenic agriculture is not an American conspiracy against India'

    Espresso Economics |  Vivian Fernandes
    There is 'not a shred of evidence' that genetically-modified food is harmful to humans yet a committee appointed by the Supreme Court has advised a...