• Blame mediocre Shinde for the Rehman Malik fiasco

    Unapologetically Right |  Tuhin A Sinha
    The one thing that's common between the present Indian and Pakistani home ministers is that they're both wannabes who shoot off their mouths at the...

  • Mr Home Minister, why on earth did you invite Mr Malik?

    The Unpublished |  Arunima
    Rehman Malik, interior minister of Pakistan, landed in Delhi, came out of the airport, folded his hands to do a namaste and announced he was...

  • Peaceful summer in Kashmir, calm before the storm?

    Lost in 'Trance'lation |  Abid Soffi
    Everyone is satisfied that the summer in the Kashmir valley this season remained peaceful. Of course barring some incidents of stone pelting and strike calls...