• BJP's Modi dilemma

    Newsman |  Rajdeep Sardesai
    It is not without reason that the BJP in recent times has been referred to as the 'Hindu Divided Family'. Impressed by the speech given...

  • What we are not likely to achieve at Bengal Leads: a response to Trinamool MP Derek O'Brien's post

    Master and a glass of Margarita |  Tathagata Bhattacharya
    Being termed as West Bengal's Gujarat Summit, which wrapped up after a successful show on Saturday last week, the Trinamool government's 'Bengal Leads' conclave has...

  • Eat your heart out, I am wearing it on my sleeve

    Head to Haid-ar |  Suhasini Haidar
    There are several reasons I wear the Tricolour around my wrist. It's a rubber band with the national flag, even the blue Ashoka Chakra on...