Naval Base

  • Rehman Malik in India: Expect the unexpected

    Head to Haid-ar |  Suhasini Haidar
    As Pakistani politicians go, Rehman Malik certainly stands out. A policeman who has made it up the ranks of a feudal political system, he was...

  • Radicals in Rawalpindi

    Head to Haid-ar |  Suhasini Haidar
    Kamra's Minhas air force base is one of Pakistan's most prized installations - part of a string of bases that guard the country's north, it...

  • The story that killed journalist Saleem Shahzad

    Head to Haid-ar |  Suhasini Haidar
    "Journalist sabka dost hota hai (Journalists are everybody's friends)," was Saleem Shahzad's response when I asked him about the Taliban connections of a common acquaintance,...