• 'My mum's 72, young still. And I want her back fine'

    My Parents' Daughter |  Archana Jahagirdar
    This is probably the hardest thing I have ever written. Didi, my eldest sister with whom my parents have been for the last six months...

  • A depressed dad, being single & life in between

    My Parents' Daughter |  Archana Jahagirdar
    My friend Rrishi who isn't known to show much emotion, asked me after reading my last post, "What has been the impact on your life?...

  • Role reversal: Looking after ailing parents

    My Parents' Daughter |  Archana Jahagirdar
    I have just finished dinner of cold aloo paranthas and dahi when the phone rings. It's my eldest sister who lives in Gulbarga, Karnataka. My...