Sex Ratio

  • On Satyamev Jayate and our Sunday tear leader

    Jhakas |  Sanjay Jha
    (The fact that we need an education from a Bollywood actor being paid an astronomical sum to understand our social woes is as much a...

  • Aamir's Satyamev Jayate is indictment of TV journalism and call for renewal

    Espresso Economics |  Vivian Fernandes
    Just when you thought that the news media was dissipating itself in the purposeless eddies of irrelevance, trying to keep people excited without engaging them...

  • A girl too many?

    Westerlies |  Swati Vashishtha
    Could a family that dared to defy the widespread household practice of female infanticide in Jaisalmer thirty years back by raising a girl have killed...