• Indians in headsight of the pirates of Puntland

    BARAKA |  Surya Gangadharan
    Ever heard of Puntland? What about Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud? Well he's the president of this "state of Somalia", as the MEA describes it. It's the...

  • India may be part of Operation Restore Hope-2 in Somalia

    BARAKA |  Surya Gangadharan
    Nineteen years after the failed attempt to restore hope in Somalia, it appears the West is getting ready for another crack at Africa's Horn. The...

  • Pirates of the unruly sea

    FOOTLOOSE |  Pawan Bali
    My first encounter with sea-pirates was at the age of seven. They seemed largely harmless. Patched-eye pirates, somehow, invoking pity. It was an Asterix comic-book,...