Obama and his trusted aide to make their Indian debut

Priyanka Gupta

New Delhi: President Obama's visit to India next week will be his first appearance in the Indian Parliament and he'll be making his debut with his most trusted friend Mr Teleprompter.

November 8th 2010, central hall of Parliament, more than 780 members of our Parliament will see what they have never seen before. US President Barack Obama's old and trusted pal, Mr Teleprompter.

Mr TP is always by his side through thick and through thin. It makes him angry, it makes him laugh, even massage his neck and he gets very upset if it ever takes a break. Sometimes the pressure gets too much. But it does what his battery of officials can't, make him look good.

And we ask isn't it time for our great leaders to take a cue and go the Obama way?

As Obama comes calling to woo India -- he will take no chances and make no mistakes. With a billion eyes on him you can't blame him if he turns to his trusted aide.