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Between Takes: Mani Ratnam talks about 'Ok Kanmani'

Speaking excursively to CNN-IBN Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand, filmmaker Mani Ratnam talks about his new Tamil release 'Ok Kanmani'.

03:35 PM, Apr 18, 2015
Now Showing: Rajeev Masand reviews 'Mr X', 'Margarita with a straw', and 'Court'

In this episode of Now Showing, CNN-IBN's Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand reviews 'Mr X', 'Margarita with a straw', and 'Court'. He also talks to filmmaker Mani Ratnam on his upcoming Tamil film 'Ok Kanmani'.

03:20 PM, Apr 18, 2015
'Mr X' review: It is a singularly humourless film

'Mr X' is lazily scripted and often not true to its own logic.

08:32 PM, Apr 17, 2015
'Margarita With A Straw' review: The film is unafraid to explore touchy themes like female desire and sexual drive of disabled people

'Margarita With A Straw' is a rare Indian film that mostly eschews melodrama to give us an honest portrait of disability.

08:31 PM, Apr 17, 2015
Director Sujoy Ghosh recalls the making of a chilling scene in 'Kahaani'

Bollywood director Sujoy Ghosh recalls the making of a chilling scene in 'Kahaani' where actress Vidya Balan was pushed in front of a metro train. The scene was shot at Kalighat metro station.

12:21 PM, Apr 04, 2015
'Furious 7' review: It has emotional depth with a touching finale

For a while now, the 'Fast & Furious' films have made it clear that rules of logic, physics, or even gravity have little place in their universe. It's an argument that's driven home pointedly in 'Furious 7', when five muscle cars parachute out of a plane only to hit the ground speeding, not one fender scratched.

08:43 PM, Apr 03, 2015
'Detective Byomkesh Bakshy' review: A film that deserves to be watched

'Detective Byomkesh Bakshy', directed by Dibakar Banerjee, is a moody thriller set in 1943 Calcutta that unravels at an unhurried pace. Loosely adapted from Bengali crime fiction writer Saradindu Bandopadhyay's enduring literary series, the film is intended as the origin story of the famous fictional sleuth.

08:29 PM, Apr 03, 2015
Now Showing: Rajeev Masand reviews 'Gunman'

In this episode of Now Showing, CNN-IBN Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand reviews 'Gunman'.

10:57 AM, Mar 28, 2015
'The Gunman' review: It attempts to blend social conscience with a revenge-themed plot but ends up getting muddled

Sean Penn's new film 'The Gunman' could well serve as an audition tape for the two-time Oscar-winning actor to merit a role in the next Expendables movie. At 54, Penn appears to be in the best shape of his life, frequently taking his shirt off to reveal bulked-up pecs and abs, and getting down and dirty in bare-knuckle brawls, relentless shootouts, and breathless chases.

08:33 PM, Mar 27, 2015
Now Showing: Rajeev Masand reviews 'Hunterrr', 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', and 'Cinderella'

In this episode of 'Now Showing', CNN-IBN's Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand reviews Hashvardhan Kulkarni's 'Hunterrr' and two Hollywood releases 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', and 'Cinderella'.

06:31 PM, Mar 21, 2015
'Cinderella' review: Kenneth Branagh delivers a full carnival-style orgy of colorful gowns, pirouetting princesses

Encouraged no doubt by the enormous success of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and Maleficent, the revisionist take on Sleeping Beauty that starred Angelina Jolie as the misunderstood witch, Disney gives another one of its animated classics the live-action makeover. 'Cinderella', directed by Kenneth Branagh, is a lush but frankly lifeless retelling of the much-loved fairytale.

08:40 PM, Mar 20, 2015
'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' review: It packs in more than it can comfortably handle in its two-hour running time

You have to hand it to them; they didn't lie when they titled it 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'. This sequel to 2012's surprise hit, about a group of ageing British expats who move into a charming Jaipur hotel to reinvent their golden years, is warm and fuzzy and light-hearted like the earlier film, but also over-plotted and occasionally contrived. However, it's hard to resist the pleasure of the company of its terrific actors who iron out the script's creases with their winning performances.

08:37 PM, Mar 20, 2015
'Hunterrr' review: It's promising but ultimately disappointing

More than a few young men will likely recognize themselves in snatches from the growing up years of Mandar Ponkshe, the protagonist of 'Hunterrr'. Skipping class to sneak into an adult film, gathering with friends outside a girls' school during lunch break, brushing up against an unsuspecting older woman in a crowded place. These scenarios, however embarrassing in retrospect, are unmistakably familiar.

08:35 PM, Mar 20, 2015
'Focus' review: A large part of the film you have a good time

Will Smith's greatest strength as a movie star has always been his consummate charm, even if it did fail him in his last starring role, in the deathly dull sci-fi stinker After Earth. Thankfully, Big Willie brings his A-game to 'Focus', a glossy, slick con movie that coasts along nicely for the most part, until its final act when logic is stretched to breaking point and the film stops being fun.

08:40 PM, Mar 13, 2015
'Chappie' review: It's derivative not fun

'District 9' and 'Elysium' director Neill Blomkamp's latest film 'Chappie' has a distinctly recycled feel to it. I spent most of the film's running time picking out all the references to other sci-fi movies until I was too bored to care anymore.

08:40 PM, Mar 13, 2015
'NH10' review: It's often terrifying on this highway, but you'll be glad you were there for the ride

'NH10', directed by Navdeep Singh, is about a road trip that goes horribly wrong when a young married couple crosses paths with a gang of ruthless killers on the national highway. It's a standard genre movie on the surface, and Singh does a good job of creating edge-of-the-seat tension. But he also layers the narrative with rich subtext, delivering so much more than your average thriller.

08:34 PM, Mar 13, 2015
Now Showing: Rajeev Masand reviews 'Against The Sun' and 'Coffee Bloom'

In this episode of Now Showing, CNN-IBN Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand reviews 'Against The Sun' and 'Coffee Bloom'.

02:57 PM, Mar 07, 2015
Against The Sun' review: Little to admire in a film that is handsomely mounted but lazily scripted

'Against the Sun' is the latest entry in the 'ocean survival movie' genre, which includes such superior films as 'Life of Pi', the Robert Redford starrer 'All is Lost', and even the recent Angelina Jolie-directed biopic 'Unbroken'. Based on a true-life ordeal of three Navy airmen who crash-landed into the Pacific just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942, this film follows a familiar narrative while plodding along lethargically in what frankly feels like real time.

12:21 PM, Mar 07, 2015
'Coffee Bloom' review: A weak brew having ingredients of a good drama

It's not often that a man gets closure in his life and in relationships through coffee, but Dev Anand Cariappa, the tortured protagonist of 'Coffee Bloom' somehow manages this feat. Directed by debutante Manu Warrier, the film is set in the plantations of Coorg, as Dev approaches his ancestral home to bury his mother's ashes.

12:02 PM, Mar 07, 2015
Turning Point: Director Sriram Raghavan's take on 'The Shawshank Redemption'

Bollywood director Sriram Raghavan takes on the 1994 Hollywood movie 'The Shawshank Redemption' directed by Frank Darabont.

10:04 PM, Feb 28, 2015