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Singapore Grand Prix
SIN - 19 Sep - 21 Sep 2014
Temp: 29°C, Forecast: Clear,
Track: Dry
No Driver Team Time Laps
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:47.490 25
2 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:47.623 28
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1:47.790 28
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:48.031 29
5 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1:48.041 5
6 Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1:48.358 33
7 Jenson Button McLaren 1:48.435 30
8 Sergio Perez Force India 1:48.653 30
9 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:48.751 30
10 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:48.770 31
11 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1:48.800 33
12 Romain Grosjean Lotus 1:49.062 33
13 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:49.075 30
14 Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1:49.139 13
15 Adrian Sutil Sauber 1:49.170 34
16 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1:49.290 36
17 Felipe Massa Williams 1:49.361 29
18 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:49.971 28
19 Jules Bianchi Marussia 1:50.612 24
20 Max Chilton Marussia 1:51.558 21
21 Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1:52.075 33
22 Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1:52.936 31

Live Commentary

Minutes : 1An eventful session. Started with the frontrunners - Hamilton, Rosberg and Alonso jostling one another in the race to being the quickest. As the practice went on, we started to see some mistakes creeping in. And then, Maldonado banged into the walls and we had a red flag. The drivers then started to do long-runs and after some superb work by his engineers, Vettel was able to make an appearance. He did not do too badly in his 2-lap stint. No surprises at the top with the Mercedes doing well again but not a great outing for the Williams finishing as the third team from the rear. That is all we have for you from Friday practice. Do join us on Saturday for FP3 followed by qualifying at 1000 GMT. Adios! ----- Vettel finishes his second lap, this time two-tenths slower than Ricciardo as the second session comes to a close. Not a bad first run by Vettel as he is only three-tenths of a second slower than Ricciardo. The German still has time for another lap. Chilton has been asked to stop his Marussia, owing to a turbo issue. The team tell him that they want to inspect a powertrain problem. With just under 8 minutes to go, VETTEL IS OUT ON TRACK! And finally... with 13 minutes left in the session, Vettel gets ready to take the car out and have a run! Could be good for only 3-4 laps but still... something is better than nothing. Great job by the mechanics to allow him some time out in the middle. It is that time of the session when drivers are focussed on long-runs. Meanwhile, Vettel is patiently awaiting his turn as his mechanics sweat it out to get his car in shape. He was in shorts before the start of FP2 but now, he is dressed in the racing suit, so that could mean positive signs for the German. "Could you tell me about the pace or anything?" asks a desperate Hulkenberg as the effects of the radio clampdown starts to takes its toll. 34 minutes left in this session. No sign of Vettel yet. We were expecting him at around this time but clearly the car is not ready yet. Will this spell doom for the four-time world champion? The debris has been removed and the session has resumed and so have the Maldonado jokes. This is not the first time that the Venezuelan has crashed his car into the barriers this season. Thankfully, the sponsors will keep Lotus' sense of humour intact. RED FLAG! Oops! What Kvyat was able to avoid, Maldonado couldn't as he bangs his right-front tyre into the wall at Turn 10. He suffered a massive oversteer. Luckily, the driver escapes unhurt. Oohs and aahs around as Kvyat almost collides into the wall at Turn 22. Escapes and ends up doing a 1:48.770. The supersofts make an appearance. Should see the lap times improve significantly. "FP sessions are particularly valuable at Singapore as pattern of track and temperature evolution is very different from anywhere else" informs Pirelli. The Streets of Marina Bay have an attractive circuit to watch cars racing but it is not exactly comfortable for drivers. The humidity can be as high as 90 percent and you can just imagine how the drivers might be feeling - in a hot water bed. Hence the power unit components are insulated against moisture. An hour to go. All drivers except Vettel, have set their times. The track appears to be a bit dusty, which could be the reason for drivers struggling for grip. Meanwhile, Hamilton does not seem to be too happy with his car, and informs the same to his team. This explains the 1-second gap to Rosberg. Just as we were getting engrossed in looking at the speeds and the times, Pirelli reminds us with the tyre usage this session - Plan for FP2: run both compounds, first the soft, then the supersoft, to assess tyre behaviour with different fuel loads. A bit of action happening now, with drivers striving hard to put in good times. Hamilton went on top, only to be eclipsed by Rosberg while Alonso split the two! At Turn 7, Ricciardo runs wide over a kerb while at Turn 5, Raikkonen does a bit of underbreaking, coming in at high speed at the right-hander. All happening! It has been 20 minutes and Bottas is the only man apart from Vettel not to make an appearance. Kobayashi becomes the first driver to lose control of his car as it spins at Turn 8. However, he recovers quickly. We are now beginning to see quite a few drivers set up lap times. No front runners yet. Vettel needs to be careful, as he has already utilised his 5 allotted engines this season. If he uses his sixth one, it will be a penalty. BIG NEWS - VETTEL - In or out? The German had an issue during the dying moments of FP1 and we understand that it is an engine failure. However, he will not incur any penalty as that engine was scheduled only for practice. He now switches over to the one scheduled for the race. That means, he might the whole of FP2. Big blow. We are all ready as second practice begins. Just the two-hour break between the two sessions. Like the first, this too, will be a 90-minute one. ----- Hello and welcome to our coverage of the second practice session for the Singapore Grand Prix. Opening practice wasn't quite representative, after all a Ferrari headed the timesheets. But cynicism apart, times at the sinewy Singapore circuit would be a lot closer than, say, at Monza. Williams didn't quite look the part, while Toro Rosso did. It's all a bit hazy, like the current conditions in Singapore - affected by the recent forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia. As the sun sets and the lights are switched on, second practice scheduled to begin at 1330 GMT should provide a clearer picture.

Minutes : 0An uneventful practice session. For a change, it was a Ferrari at the top, that of Alonso, ahead of Hamilton who had an advantage over Rosberg by about two hundredths of a second. Vettel was once again faster than colleague Ricciardo which suggests that the changed chassis is working for the German. However, towards the end of the session, his car stopped near the pit lane exit and he informed his team that there are some issues with the engine. In terms of driving, no one really struggled on the track apart from an odd case or two where drivers had some moments in their car. The second session will see the use of the options and we might see the drivers lap more and try and improve on their times. Do join us at 1330 GMT for the same. Off for a bite! ----- First practice session has ended. Oops... flames emanating from Raikkonen's front right tyre. Overheated brakes perhaps. Would it actually matter if the radio bans were relaxed during practice sessions? Hmmm... debatable. Practice sessions are meant to understand the circuit in detail and one wonders whether any information about other teams or drivers' performance would really affect the race. On the other hand, it could actually help a driver prepare for the race weekend in a better manner. A huge swarm of clouds is approaching the circuit. We have less than 30 minutes remaining in this session, so we should be fine but we might well see a wet second session. Fingers crossed... The radio restrictions by the FIA are already showing their effect. A couple of laps ago, Hamilton asked his team about the sector times of another driver but was not supplied with an answer due to obvious reasons. As if to stress more on the weather report by Pirelli, here is a cracker of a tweet from Mercedes - "If anyone wants to nominate us for an #IceBucketChallenge right now that would be just fine... please?" It is way past the half way mark and finally, Button is in some action. Both, he and Gutierrez have not set a timed lap yet. Problems? They still have time to rectify those. An update from Pirelli - A few weather stats: ambient temperature 29 degrees, track 37 degrees, 82 percent humidity. A bit like holding a GP in a Turkish bath! As mentioned earlier, because of the number of corners on this track and lack of long straights, it is not a power circuit. So, Mercedes may not have the advantage over here they usually enjoy at other circuits. That should level the racing a bit, with all top teams potentially having an equal chance. Vettel has topped the time sheets. He is using a new chassis and that seems to be working in his favour. Of course, these are early days but Vettel has one the last 3 races at this circuit. Right then. 30 minutes are up. The track is quiet because all the drivers are in the pits as the additional set of primes provided need to be returned to Pirelli. Plenty of drivers are setting their lap times. Most of them are in the high 1:50s. Marina Bay Street Circuit is also known as the Monaco of The East. One of the most difficult tracks to drive a racing car, thanks to 23 corners! Yes, you read that right - 23 - the most in any circuit in a calendar year. Hamilton is informed on the team radio about Rosberg pitting. A curious Lewis wanted to know the reason and he is informed about Rosberg having an issue with his mirror. Guess that is allowed to be communicated. FIA has set out a list of don'ts through the team radio. We will keep a watch as to how teams adjust. Pirelli reminds us that we will see just the primes in FP1, with the options making an appearance later. Remember, an additional set of primes is provided to the drivers which can be used only in the first 30 minutes of FP1. Then they need to be returned to Pirelli. All drivers have finished their installation laps. The first time is set by Lewis Hamilton, in the early 1:50s. Two sets of tyres would be used this weekend - The soft tyres marked in yellow and the other set, the options, marked in red. This is the softest set of tyres used. Remember, we saw the hardest pair at Monza. The 90-minute session has begun. There are no driver changes in this particular practice session, which means that all the regular drivers will be participating. ----- Hello and welcome to the seventh edition of the Singapore Grand Prix as we begin the flyaway leg of the 2014 Formula One World Championship. The big news ahead of the weekend is the there will be several restrictions about what can be communication by the pit wall over the team radio in all sessions. This puts the onus on the driver to simply drive the car unaided by with this year's complex machines, we could be witnessing a few on-track incidents. It also places another angle to the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry with the German widely believed to gain from the radio clampdown. But it's unlikely to change the pecking order of the teams although one thing is certain: there'll be plenty more opportunities now available to grab chances. First practice begins Friday 1000 GMT around the tight streets of the Marina Bay circuit and although radio chatter will be less, our updates will not.

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