What will be the biggest world stories in 2013?

Suhasini Haidar, CNN-IBN | Jan 19, 2013 at 03:09pm

Hello, greetings for the New Year and welcome to a whole new season of WORLD VIEW. Tonight we have a big guest on the show - India's External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid, will kick off this season and tell us just where India's foreign policy is headed this year. Also on the show we are asking that question about the big stories of 2013. With our expert panel joining us in the studio, Bernard Haykel, he is a scholar of Islamic Studies as well as professor at Princeton University in the United States. Also joining us, UN high commissioner for refugees, Antonio Guterres and CNN's chief business correspondent Ali Velshi, is back on the show to talk about the world's big economic stories as we ask that big question in 2013- What's ahead for the world this year? What are the top five stories, that's ahead in just a bit but first what can the world expect from India this year. As the new External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has his work cut out for him in 2013. Balancing the power tussle between US and China in the region, expectations from neighbours like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Maldives and that that tricky tightrope of ties with Pakistan. For this World View's exclusive, I spoke to Salman Khurshid and began by asking him about the controversy over Cricket and the Visa given to former cricket captain Javed Miandad.